OceanFlex RED Tinned Marine Cable 50 sq. mm - Various Lengths & Terminals

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Red OceanFlex Cable with End Terminals
Red OceanFlex Cable with End Terminals reels of oceanflex cable OceanFlex RED Tinned Marine Cable 50 sq. mm - Various Lengths & Terminals

OceanFlex Red Flexible Marine Grade Tinned Cable - 50mm2 Cable Conductor Thickness - 345 Amp capacity

We supply the OceanFlex cable cut to the length you require with crimped end terminals in a choice of sizes, including:

  • 2x M8 (8mm hole diameter)

  • 2x M10 (10mm hole diameter)

  • 2x M12 (12mm hole diameter)

The cable connectors are tinned and suitable for marine environments. 

The items are made to order and will usually be dispatched within one- two days. 


Other OceanFlex Cables Available

This is RED 50mm2 cable with a choice of end terminals. We also stock OceanFlex cable in other colours and different ends, including:

If you need an option not on our website, please get in contact with your requirements.

Benefits of OceanFlex® Cable

  • Marine-specific flexible cable

  • Tinned thin wall low voltage wiring cable designed for use in harsh environments

  • In OceanFlex cable, the copper strands are tin-plated so the cable is highly resistant to corrosion from sea water over long periods of time.

  • OceanFlex cables have a much greater life span compared to standard cables.

  • This leads to lower repair/maintenance costs and less down time due to electrical faults and failures.


  • Red Cable with 50mm² Cable Conductor Thickness 637/0.30

  • Capacity 345 Amps

  • Overall Diameter: 13.3mm

  • Cores manufactured to ISO 6722-1:2011 (class B) 105°C

  • Tinned Copper Conductors, PVC Insulated

  • Suitable for use at temperatures from -40ºC to 105ºC with excursions up to 120ºC

  • Twins and multicores PVC sheathed at 70ºC

  • Suitable for 12v and 24v systems (maximum 60v)

  • Good resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricating oils and diluted acid

  • Very good resistance to moisture

  • PVC insulation saves weight and offers good resistance to abrasion and cut through

  • Cables are printed with the specification on the insulation   

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