Here at Eco Power Shop we love hearing about new stuff that’s a little different and there’s a brand new eco race starting Stateside this summer which definitely ticks those boxes…

It’s the first year of the Race to Alaska, which starts on the 4th June (at 5am!)  and the rules are simple:

1)    Enter with any kind of boat but no engines allowed

2)    Make it all the way from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska  – a whopping 750 miles!

3)    Be self-supported -  no support team or pre-arranged help is allowed

Teams can stop off in towns along the way for a meal or nap but the first team to reach the finish post wins $10k so the pressure is on to keep going!  Also teams won’t want to be caught by the sweeper boats which arrive at the finish line on the 4th July, marking the last official cut-off date for the race.

The race organisers, Northwest Maritime Center, say the race has been created, “not as a cutthroat competition but as the best way we know to spread excitement about the magic of onwater adventures that are human powered and sail driven and to remind us all that big adventure can be obtainable on virtually any budget.”

It’s refreshing to hear about a competition where there’s so much freedom to be creative and have fun.  This isn’t a race about big engines or support crews and there’s a real opportunity for teams to think about how renewable energy technology could give them a winning advantage.

We're proud to sponsor one of the first teams to sign up, Turn Point Design, and have been sharing our expertise on renewable energy products with them.

We will be tracking their progress on our blog so please keep posted to find out more.