We’ve heard from a number of customers who are preparing for an ocean sailing adventure.  Whether they’re drawn by the sheer challenge or just enjoy the continuous sailing, it’s inspiring stuff.

Of course the on-land planning stage is the first big challenge and calculating what energy is required to cross a huge ocean will be a key task.  Unlike coastal sailors there won’t be the option to stay in a marina and top-up the boat’s batteries using on-shore power so there are 3 elements they’ll need to consider carefully:

1)    Their energy requirements for all the electrical equipment on-board, including the VHF radio, chart plotter, lighting etc.  This can really mount up with all the electronic gadgets available today.

2)    Their energy storage requirements i.e. what’s the best battery storage capacity for their boat

3)    Their energy supply from the batteries charged up via an engine-driven alternator and/ or from renewable energy sources

Wind turbines and other renewable energy products offer a great option for generating electricity without the need for a plug-in power source or fuel.  In addition, most modern wind turbines (all the ones we stock in any case) have been designed so that they are very quiet and won’t disturb the peace on board.

Eco Power Shop offers a great choice of different marine wind turbines to help you find the best turbine for your energy requirements. These are all designed to be highly reliable and have long warranties.  We also stock a wide range of wind turbine spare parts.

Please get in touch if you would like a spare part not yet listed on our website as we do stock most parts and we can help you develop a special “spare parts kit” if you are planning an ocean-crossing trip.

Bon voyage to all our intrepid sailing customers!