Leading Edge DL-300 Wind Turbine Charge Controller

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Leading Edge DL-300 Wind Turbine Charge Controller
Leading Edge DL-300 Wind Turbine Charge Controller Leading Edge DL-300 Wind Turbine Charge Controller

The DL-300 Series diversion charge controller is an integrated solution designed to prevent 12 or 24 Volt batteries from overcharging. It is designed to be used with small wind systems operating an LE-300 or LE-v150 turbine. Compact and easy to install, the DL-300 was developed especially for the Leading Edge range of turbines. It incorporates a 300 Watt resistor / heater and controller board in a stout powder coated steel enclosure. The DL-300 dump load controller operates like an electrical overflow for your batteries. This means that the turbine is always running – and not being switched on and off as is the case with other charge control methods. It also means that your batteries are never ‘cycled’ through on / off charging techniques and this will prolong the life of your expensive battery bank.

As the LE-300 or LE-v150 turbine charges the batteries, the State of Charge (SOC) and battery voltage will rise. As the batteries become fully charged and are no longer able to accept any further electrical energy, the battery voltage will rise. At this point, the dump load controller begins to bleed power into the dump load. This energy is then dissipated as heat into the surrounding environment. More or less power is diverted to the dump load according to how much is being supplied to the battery from the turbine.

Available in 12 and 24V options.

  • Use with either the LE-300 or LE-v150 Turbines
  • Pulse Width Modulation charging methodology – Ensuring that just the right amount of power is bled from your batteries
  • 3 Stage charging algorithm – Ensures that your batteries go through the correct charge cycle
  • Suitable for all lead acid batteries – Flooded, AGM, Gel or ‘sealed’
  • Easy Installation – Just 2 connections needed with large stud terminals
  • Low self-power – Reducing the load on your system 



Rated Wind Turbine Power 300W
Control Mode PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
Dimensions 470 x 88 x 95 mm
Weight 1.94 kg
Warranty 2 years


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