Kingspan KW6 wind turbine

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Kingspan KW6 wind turbine
Kingspan KW6 wind turbine Kingspan KW6 wind turbine Kingspan KW6 wind turbine Kingspan KW6 wind turbine

The Kingspan Wind KW6 turbine has an incredible peak power of 6kW and is ideally suited for applications requiring a substantial amount of renewable power such as rural domestic, farms, telecoms and commercial applications.

The KW6 wind turbine is manufactured in the UK and has over 25 years of proven reliability worldwide.

Eco Power Shop works closely with the manufacturer Kingspan to deliver our customers a timely, seamless turn-key solution for this substantial wind turbine system. From purchase through to installation and commissioning, the entire process is handled efficiently with customer-focused expert technical support throughout.

In addition to our dedicated after sales support, we can provide servicing and maintenance services where required.

The price shown includes the wind turbine and all required inverters and equipment. Tower prices are shown separately.  



The KW6 is fully tested and certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and other international standards (SWCC and NREC). It is therefore eligible for Feed-in Tariffs and other regional incentives. Further information about MCS and Feed-in Tariffs can be found on Energy Saving Trust’s website


Key features

  • Available for grid-tie or off-grid (battery charging) applications

  • Peak output of 6kW

  • Self regulates its speed due to its unique delta rotor design

  • No gearbox required

  • Unique over-speed protection system - in stronger winds the blades pitch and cone ensuring the turbines maintain a high output even in storms

  • This means that unlike other wind turbines there is no need to shut down the KW6 turbine in high winds

  • Its unique design means ensures a consistently high performance of the KW6 in all wind speeds

  • Minimal servicing requirements

  • Minimal visual impact - available in white or black

  • 5-year warranty (parts & labour) as standard


A low temperature version for cold climates (down to -40°C) is available - please contact us for details.


Off Grid System design

Eco Power Shop has several years of experience designing off grid systems so please contact us if you need advice on what equipment/ system you require. We can supply a cost effective system design and specification for your off grid application.



Please contact us for an installation quote. All installations of Kingspan turbines must be undertaken by Kingspan.

KW6 installation typically costs £1500 (ex VAT) for mainland UK locations.


Mounting Options

The KW6 turbine can be mounted on the Kingspan hydraulic 9m, 11m, 15m or 20m Tower. These towers are Class 1 rated/ galvanised steel and hydraulic to minimise the time taken to lower and raise the wind turbine during installation/ servicing.

The intended location of the turbine will determine the most suitable tower height for your application but Kingspan recommend using the highest tower height possible for your location for maximum power outputs.

Kingspan offer a number of options for foundations.


Planning Permission

Information on Planning Permission for wind turbines is available online at the Government’s Planning Portal.


Kingspan Wind

Kingspan Wind is an international market leader in small-scale off-grid power systems with over 5.000 installations in over 70 countries.

Other turbines in the Kingspan Wind range are:

  • the KW3 - a 3 kW wind turbine suitable for off-grid applications
  • the KW3EX - an ATEX-approved 3kW wind turbine built for harsh offshore environments. Reliable and safe for use on unmanned Oil and Gas platforms 



Turbine Type Downwind, 3 Bladed, Self-Regulating Wind Turbine
Peak Power 6 kW
Voltage 48V, 120V, 300V
Cut-in Wind Speed 2.5m/s
EPS Power Rating Very High
EPS Noise Rating Medium


Rotor Type 3 Blade Folding Rotor (maximum 200 RPM)
Rotor Diameter 5.6m
Blade Material Glass Thermoplastic Composite
Control, incl. in storms Self regulating - no gear box- unique delta rotor design allows turbine to regulate its own speed
Design Life 25 Years
Warranty 5 Year Parts & Labour

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EPS Power Rating Very High
EPS Noise Rating Medium
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