Leading Edge LE-v150 Vertical Wind Turbine

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Leading Edge LE-v150 Vertical Wind Turbine
Leading Edge LE-v150 Vertical Wind Turbine Leading Edge LE-v150 Vertical Wind Turbine Leading Edge LE-v150 Vertical Wind Turbine Leading Edge LE-v150 Vertical Wind Turbine

The small vertical wind turbine LE-v150 from Leading Edge generates power outputs up to 200 watts and can be used for a variety of different battery charging applications. 

Key Features:

- Totally silent

-  Compact and lightweight – making it easy to install

-  Tough and robust 

-  Marine quality finish for lasting performance

Marine applications

The LE-v150 vertical axis trickle charger is ideal for those who want to protect their batteries when they are not using their boat.

The compact size of the LE-v150 means that it can be easily mounted on the yacht’s main mast, out of the way of the deck and is supplied with side mount brackets for this. 

Otherwise these brackets can be used with “U-bolts” to attach the wind turbine to the side of a tube with a 50mm outer diameter.  

The LE-v150 Extreme

The Extreme version is designed to withstand the harshest of environments with extreme cold (-40°C) and/ or winds of up to 35m/s (80mph)

It has polycarbonate cowlings, uprated alternator and upper baffle plate to make it even tougher for severe environments. It is also painted black to help absorb the heat of the sun and reduce the build-up of rime ice on the turbine blades. 

New for 2019 - the LE-v150 Extreme now features stainless steel blades for the toughest wind turbine yet.  

Operating information

It is recommended that the LE-v150 is used with a DL-300 charge controller to prevent battery overcharge.  A run/ stop switch can be used if desired but is not needed. 

This vertical wind turbine can also be used in combination with Solar PV Panels. When using more than 150W of solar PV, we recommend using the Advanced LE-v150 kit.

Further information

The LE-v150 is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloys and stainless steel which has been laser processed, CNC machined, hard anodized and powder coated to ensure that the turbine will withstand the harsh environments that it was originally designed for. With only 1 moving part, there is little to go wrong and no brushes or slip-rings to wear out and need replacing. The bearings are sealed for life and fully lubricated, so no greasing or maintenance is required. All of the fixings are manufactured from A4 stainless steel to withstand the most corrosive of environments.

The LE-v150 uses a proven ‘Savonious’ rotor design which gives silent and effective performance. This elegant ‘cross-ventilated’ rotor provides excellent power conversion for a vertical axis turbine of this size. The rotor is coupled to a specially designed zero ‘cogging’ axial flux permanent magnet alternator to ensure an excellent power curve whilst the turbine starts up in the lightest of winds. 

How to set up a DL-300 charge controller with a LE-v150 wind turbine:




Turbine Type Vertical
Power Output 24W at 8m/s (17.8mph)
Peak Power 200W
Cut-in Wind Speed 4m/s
Rotor Diameter 270mm
Rotor Height 918mm
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 13 Kg
EPS Power Rating Low
EPS Noise Rating Very Low


Rotor Type Vertical Axis 3-Blade savonious
Blade material Aluminium (Stainless Steel for Extreme LE-v150)
Body material Aluminium Alloy with Plastic Cowlings
Generator Type 3-Phase Brushless NIB rotor PMA
Control Mode Self Governing and/or DL-300 Controller
Solar Input? Can be used with a solar system
Mounting Options Various
Design Life 20 years

More Information
EPS Power Rating Low
EPS Noise Rating Very Low
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