Goodlight G360 E40 LED SON Replacement Lamp

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Goodlight G360 E40 LED SON Replacement Lamp
Goodlight G360 E40 LED SON Replacement Lamp G360 LED lamp Outside lighting using the G360

The Goodlight G360 replaces standard SON and Metal Halide lamps up to 250W and is the best available on the market thanks to its radical design.  

Certified for use by Transport for London (TfL) Goodlight G360 LED SON lights can be used anywhere on the TfL network.

The Goodlight G360 LED SON lamp range has been designed to provide retrofit LED replacement for standard SON and metal halide lamps, enabling optimum lighting performance, whilst delivering dramatic efficiencies of up to 80%. The lamp incorporates a MagLev based cooling system to draw away waste heat, maximising its efficiency and lifetime. These lamps have a lifetime of 50,000 hours or eleven years of use at twelve hours per day and are covered by a comprehensive five-year warranty.

For large orders and projects, please contact us for bulk pricing and availability - 01403 261062 /


  • Delivers up to 140 lumens per Watt, making it the brightest SON replacement available

  • Innovative new cooling chamber with vent ducts for improved reliability and performance

  • Cooled by a practically silent Maglev fan 

  • Retrofits into existing fittings

  • Has a distinctive LED configuration to deliver even light spread 

  • Instant on 

  • Mercury gas free

  • Zero UV emissions

  • Suitable for use in -20°C to 40°C

  • Long lasting (50,000 hours)

  • 5 year warranty 

Ideal for use in industrial spaces, large warehouses, exteriors, bollards and street lighting.

Also available with E27 cap in 6W, 10W, 20W and 30W versions.

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