PowerFilm 7W R7 Roll Up Portable Solar Panel

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7w PowerFilm Panel with box and cables
7w PowerFilm Panel with box and cables PowerFilm 7W Flexible Panel on yacht boom Waterproof 7W Powerfilm solar panel 2 cables supplied with 7W PowerFilm Panel 7W PowerFilm Solar Panel used on tent Rolled PowerFilm flexible solar panel

This roll up portable solar charger is durable, very thin and lightweight. Being marine-grade means it is perfect for all weather outdoor applications where extreme flexibility is important, or where a very thin profile is needed.

This solar charger can be used for charging mobile phones; MP3 players or 12V batteries.  


PowerFilm portable solar panel on tent



- Easily fix to tents, canvas awnings, spray hoods or boat/ RV roofs with the incorporated grommets;

- Also suitable for adhering to a firm surface using a PVA glue.

Portable Solar Panel Features:

- 7W Rated Power Output

- Integrated with a fabric backing for enhanced product functionality these panels perform well in diverse environments, including hot sun

- Cadmium Free

- The short integral solar panel cable terminates in a marine grade weatherproof PowerFilm connector

- Provided with two PowerFilm cables - 1m accessory cable (with female cigarette lighter adapter socket) & 4.6m battery cable (with o-ring terminals)

- Fitted with a blocking diode that prevents reverse draining of current from your connected battery

- Powerfilm solar panels are monolithically integrated which eliminates the need for damage-prone manual connections of individual solar cells

- UV-resistant

- 3-year output warranty



Power Output 7W
Operating Voltage 15.4V
Operating Current 0.45A
Dimensions 584.2 x 368.3 mm Unrolled/ 368.3 x 101.6 mm Rolled up
Weight 0.27kg
Warranty 3 Years Power Output Warranty
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