Efficiency Terminal

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Efficiency Terminal
Efficiency Terminal Efficiency Terminal Efficiency Terminal Efficiency Terminal Efficiency Terminal Efficiency Terminal

The Energy Team Efficiency Terminal is a professional tool for measuring and testing electrical parameters. It is extremely precise at 0.5% precision of the full scale reading making it suitable for professional electrical testing applications.

It can measure up to 50 different electrical parameters on three phase and single phase electrical lines with up to 250 days continuous recording. Recorded parameters include : phase voltage, three-phase line current, three-phase active power, three-phase power factor and many more.

The instrument is lightweight, portable and extremely flexible allowing precise measurement of various different electrical loads. The Rogowski current probes allow measurement from 1 to 2000 amperes while maintaining extremely high precision of the measurement. It is a very versatile electrical measuring tool and able to measure anything from a small mobile phone battery to the electrical consumption of a melting furnace.

The unit can be easily programmed and has a USB port for quick and easy transfer of data on to a PC. The unit is supplied with Es3 processing software which is a specialist energy efficiency software package used by many companies around the globe. The analysis quickly displays the results and identification of lost efficiency, enabling the user to take remedial action, improve system efficiency and reduce energy costs.

The unit is supplied with a number of measuring probes including:

  • 3 x 2.5m Rogowski current probes
  • 4 x 2.5m Silicone double insulated CAT III cables

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