Silentwind Mast Mounting Kit

Silentwind Mast Mounting Kit

Silentwind Mast Mounting Kit (Mast Poles & Stays NOT included)

The Silentwind mast mounting kit includes all the components necessary to secure a 2.8m high 48.1mm diameter wind turbine mast. This means the kit can be used with other types of wind turbine masts.

The mast foot is swivelling so can be mounted on horizontal and inclined surfaces. The mast foot and the mast clamps have rubber elements, to prevent vibration and noise transmission. The rubber-damping part of the mast base can be adapted to different inner mast tube diameters and a cable guide is integrated into the mast foot.

Manufactured from polished stainless means this kit is suitable for marine environments.

The mast-mounting kit includes:

  • Mast foot premounted 1 pc.

- Middle section with cable guide, polished stainless steel 1 pc.
- Mounting bracket polished stainless steel 2 pcs.
- Rubber mast support 1 pc.
- Mast washer polished stainless steel 1 pc.
- Mounting accessories, stainless steel

  • Mast clamps assembled 2 pcs.

- Mast clamp polished stainless steel 2 pcs.
- Rubber profile 2 pcs.
- Strut ending, polished stainless steel 2 pcs.
- Mounting accessories, stainless steel

  • Lower strut ending with mounting plate, polished stainless steel 2 pcs.
  • Rubber adapter sleeve for mast foot 1 pc.


More Information
Peak Output N/A
Rated Output N/A
Peak Power N/A
Power N/A
Voltage N/A
Cut-in Wind Speed N/A
Max Wind Speed N/A
Overspeed Braking N/A
Absorption Charge N/A
Adaptors N/A
Base/Fitting N/A
Battery Low Pre-Alarm N/A
Battery Low Shutdown N/A
Battery Over-discharge Recovery N/A
Battery Over-discharge Shut off N/A
Battery Temperature Sensor N/A
Blade Material N/A
Body Construction N/A
Bulb type N/A
Cap N/A
Certification N/A
Charging Currents N/A
Charging Voltage N/A
Coastal version N/A
Coastal version with PIR sensor N/A
Colour Temperature N/A
Connectors N/A
Control, incl in storms N/A
Control Mode N/A
Current N/A
Cut out diammeter N/A
Cut-out Dimensions N/A
Depth N/A
Diameter N/A
Display N/A
Efficiency N/A
Emergency Battery Life N/A
Emergency Battery Recharge N/A
Emergency Standby Power N/A
Equalization Charge N/A
Equivalent Power N/A
EU Efficiency Rating N/A
Fire Rated N/A
Fitting finish N/A
Float Charge N/A
Fuse N/A
Generator Type N/A
Governing Type N/A
Governing Wind Speed N/A
Guy Wires N/A
Height N/A
Humidity (non condensing) N/A
Input/ Output N/A
Input Voltage N/A
Inside dia N/A
Internal / External? N/A
LED Chip N/A
Lifetime N/A
Line 1 Output Modes N/A
Line 1 Rated Output Current N/A
Line 2 Output Modes N/A
Line 2 Rated Output Current N/A
Load N/A
Lumens (Brightness) N/A
Material N/A
Materials N/A
Max DC Power N/A
Max Power Current N/A
Max Power Voltage N/A
Max Tower Height N/A
Measurement Range N/A
Noise Level N/A
No. of Cells N/A
Open Circuit Voltage N/A
Operating Temperature N/A
Operating Time N/A
Output N/A
Output Connector N/A
Output Protection Voltage N/A
Output Voltage N/A
Output Wave Form N/A
Outside dia N/A
Overall Dimensions N/A
Pack Contents N/A
Power Factor (PF) N/A
Power per Metre N/A
Power Tolerance N/A
Precision N/A
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing N/A
PV Voltage Auto Light Control - OFF N/A
PV Voltage Auto Light Control - ON N/A
Quiescent Current N/A
Range N/A
Rated Wind Turbine Power N/A
Remote Monitoring Possible? N/A
Rotor Height N/A
Rotor Type N/A
Safety N/A
Second Battery Output N/A
Self-Consumption N/A
Sensor N/A
Short Circuit Current N/A
Socket N/A
Solar Input? N/A
Solar PV Cell Type N/A
Solar PV Power N/A
Batteries Included N/A
Beam Angle N/A
Bezel Colour N/A
Colour N/A
Diffuser N/A
Dimmable N/A
Driver N/A
IP Rating N/A
LEDs per Metre N/A
Power Rating N/A
Supplied Driver N/A
Technical Specification N/A
Temperature Compensation N/A
Terminal Size N/A
Tower Diameter N/A
Tower Foot Print N/A
Turbine Class N/A
Turbine Type N/A
Unload Current N/A
Unload Voltage N/A
UV Stabilised Surface N/A
Wall Thickness N/A
Rotor Diameter N/A
Swept Area N/A
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A
Mounting Pole N/A
Design Life N/A
Width N/A
Waterproof N/A
Warranty N/A
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