Powerfilm 0.066W Mini Flexible Solar Panel (Wireless)

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Powerfilm 0.066W Mini Flexible Solar Panel (Wireless)
Powerfilm 0.066W Mini Flexible Solar Panel (Wireless)
Powerfilm mini solar panels are manufactured in the USA to an exceptionally high standard. They are exceptionally lightweight, thin and flexible enough to wrap around an object just 3 inches in diameter.
They are shock proof, easy to connect - just solder or crimp to the copper tape and can be easily integrated into devices for solar charging or direct power generation. This means they are ideal for recharging AA, AA, 6V and 2V batteries.
Available in a wide range of sizes and power configurations they come in three variations:
Wireless Electronic Series
This is the standard version of the mini solar panel allowing power for wireless electronics, portable and remote applications. These basic solar modules are not waterproof and do not have a UV stabilised coating.
RC Aircraft Series
The radio controlled RC Aircraft series modules are designed to be used with RC aircraft. These modules are very lightweight and have an extra edge seal for protection against the weather and possible fuel contamination. These solar panels have a pressure sensitive adhesive backing but do not have the heavier Weather Pro UV coating.
Weather Pro Series
The Weather Pro Series are designed for permanent outdoor applications that are exposed to the elements. These mini solar panels incorporate an advanced UV-stabilised surface allowing solar power to penetrate through to the solar cell but reducing penetration of damaging UV radiation. As the Weather Pro coating is made from a Teflon type material these solar panels need to be mechanically fastened to the application as adhesives will NOT stick to the advanced coating.

UV Qualities:

To protect the panel from the weather and UV, the module is encapsulated in ETFE/TPU.

  • ETFE passes more than 90% of the UV light therefore is almost UV inert.
  • TPU blocks the UV light around 400nm and is UV resistant.

With this UV resistant TPU layer, the panel's lifetime is double to triple the standard few years it would have unprotected.


Power 0.066W
Voltage 3.0V
Current 22mA
Dimensions 64 x 36 x 0.1mm
Weight 0.9g
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