PowerFilm 28W Rollable Solar Panel

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waterproof 28W flexible panel by PowerFilm
waterproof 28W flexible panel by PowerFilm PowerFilm 28W Rollable Solar Panel 28W PowerFilm Rollable Panel with box and 2 cables PowerFilm Panel Cables Camping with 28W PowerFilm Solar Panel 28W Powerfilm flexible panel on yacht boom Unrolled 28W PowerFilm panel

This 28 Watt solar panel from PowerFilm panel is portable and easy to travel with, thanks to being waterproof (IP67) and rollable. 

It is also lightweight, making it an essential addition to any outdoor adventure.

Use it to keep small electronic gadgets charged in remote locations or to trickle charge 12V batteries.


Key Features:

  • Can be rolled up compactly (~ 37 cm by 8 cm) making it easy to stow away on a boat or to fit into a rucksack

  • Waterproof (IP67), with marine grade connectors

  • Tough construction from robust materials

  • Light sensitive technology allows it to charge in lower light levels

  • Lightweight – only 0.9 kg

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

 Comes supplied with:

  • PowerFilm female car charger adapter – can be used to charge wireless electronic devices such as smartphones.

  • PowerFilm Extension cord (4.6m long) with O-Ring battery terminal connectors – can be used to trickle charge 12V batteries. See the Instructions Sheet under the "Manuals & Datasheets" tab for information on how to charge a 12V battery with the panel, including whether you will need to use a charge controller to ensure safe charging.  



Power Output 28W
Operating Voltage 15.4V
Operating Current 1.8A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.9V
Open Circuit Current 2.3A
Dimensions Rolled: 37.1 x 7.6 cm | Unrolled: 202.2 x 37.1 cm
Weight 0.9 kg
Warranty 1 Year



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