Easy 4 Hall Multi Channel Solar Panel Current Sensor

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"Easy 4 Hall" Multi Channel Solar Panel Current Sensor
"Easy 4 Hall" Multi Channel Solar Panel Current Sensor Easy 4 Hall Multi Channel Solar Panel Current Sensor Easy 4 Hall Multi Channel Solar Panel Current Sensor Easy 4 Hall Multi Channel Solar Panel Current Sensor

Easy 4 Hall

Accessible outdoor multichannel current sensor for string current measurement in solar photovoltaic systems.

All of the solutions currently on the market are open modules or devices with a low degree of humidity protection, designed to be inserted inside closed and waterproof electrical boards. They occupy considerable space, which inhibits their installation in pre-existing electrical boards. With the current devices, it is almost impossible to monitor an existing system without replacing the parallel electrical panels for existing strings. In most cases, the increased volume of the new panels makes installation impossible.


  • Exempt from recertification of the existing parallel boards
  • Easy to install
  • Small size
  • The plant does not need to be shut down for installation
  • A precise and accurate data reading is possible without stopping or disconnecting any string or tightening terminals.
  • Up to 8 strings can be monitored per module.
  • Integrated Modbus communication module.
  • The lack of terminals and physical connections on the strings eliminates all preventive maintenance
  • Can be used outdoors without the need for other waterproof cases.
  • No electrical contacts with existing circuits, maximum electrical safety and low electromagnetic susceptibility
  • The simplest and most economical solution on the market.
  • Patent request registered

The device is made up of two rectangular half-shells. The first half shell (bottom) has comb-shaped grooves to insert and hold the cables carrying the currents to be measured. In addition, this shell holds half of the magnetic circuits of the sensors, made up of ferrite elements supported and guided so they are coupled with precision to the remaining part of the magnetic circuits located in the second half-shell. This second shell is divided into two compartments: the first contains some magnetic elements having a thin air-gap and inside is a magnetic field sensor for measuring the flux induced by the conductor to be measured and directed from the magnetic circuit. In order to get the requested degree of impermeability, the magnetic and electronic circuits in the first compartment of the shell are embedded in epoxy resin while the accessible side for sensor connection and data output is protected by trim and an appropriate mechanical design of the case.


  • Measures up to 8 string currents without the need to interrupt the connection.
  • Current reading using Hall effect sensors and14 bit analogue/ digital converter.
  • Internal temperature measurement in Celsius (from -30°C to +80°C, accuracy 1°C).
  • 16 bit microcontroller technology
  • Power supply 12/24Vdc, 500mA max.
  • The data concerning the temperature and current are sent through the RTU Modbus on insulated RS485 serial port (with the possibility of internal jumper termination).
  • Ability to select the readings to be performed and the Modbus protocol parameters (baud rate, parity, address, stop bit).
  • Enter “Config Mode” laying a magnet (included) for 5 seconds on the container, with audible signalling; selection of Modbus parameters, writing to special registries.
  • Custom printed plastic container, the double cable gland PG9, passivation with insulating resin and O-ring on the lock give the device its IP65 rating.
  • Current reading range: +/-16 A.
  • Minimum accuracy: 100mA.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions 244x84x37mm (without cable gland)
  • Weight About 150g
  • Case material Grey polycarbonate
  • Protection rating IP65
  • Power supply 12-24Vdc, 500mA max (5W)
  • Operating temperature From -20°C to +75°C
  • Cable to use BELDEN 9841 (1 pair + shield, multi conductor, low capacity)
  • ModBus Connection Through 2 terminals (double connection)


  • Current measurement : 8 direct currents +/- 16A, Hall effect technology
  • Internal temperature : From -30°C to *80°C, accuracy 1°C
  • Communications : Slave RTU Modbus on galvanically insulated RS485
  • Configurable parameters: Baud rate (1200-2400-4800- 9600-14400-19200-28800-38400-57600-115200), parity (None, Even, Odd), stop bit (1 or 2), address (1-247)
  • Select operating mode : Through magnetic key and Modbus registries
  • Signal operating mode : Through audible signal (buzzer)
  • Installation characteristics : Optional wall-mounting brackets

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