Leading Edge Wind Turbine Run / Stop Switch

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Leading Edge Wind Turbine Run / Stop Switch
Leading Edge Wind Turbine Run / Stop Switch

The Leading Edge run /stop switch is a recommended accessory for any wind turbine system.

This high quality cam actuated switch is designed to operate at the unusual voltages and currents generated by the turbine. It allows the turbine to be electrically isolated from the battery systems whilst also bringing the turbine to a near stop by placing a short circuit across the turbine output. Due to the unique design of the all alternators of our turbines, this short circuit, means that the alternator is put into ‘dynamic braking’ mode. The turbine will slow down until it is almost stationary and will not be able to accelerate any further. The harder the wind tries to spin the turbine, the more the alternator resists!

The switch is supplied in a pre-assembled, compact enclosure making it easy to wire-in and mount. The enclosure is also IP65 rated, meaning that the switch can be conveniently located at the base of the turbine, exposed to all of the elements.

  • Suitable for use with all of our Leading Edge wind turbines – including the LE-v50, LE-v150, LE-300, LE-450 and LE-600 turbines
  • Easy to install – Screw terminal connections for 2.5mm cable
  • Install anywhere – IP rated switch enclosure means that the switch can be installed at the tower base
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