Morningstar Tristar Remote Meter 2

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Morningstar Tristar Remote Meter 2
Morningstar Tristar Remote Meter 2

Morningstar's Tristar Remote Meter-2 (TS-RM-2) is an advanced digital meter that may be used with any Tristar controller. 

This version of the meter can be mounted up to 30 metres (98.4ft) away.

This Tristar meter has 2 x 16 character LCD's that display extensive system and controller information, logged data, bar graph metering as well as alarms and faults for easy troubleshooting.

The information displayed can be shown in English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish languages.

The Tristar Remote Meter-2 can be can be connected to a network using Morningstar's MeterHub to allow individual controller and system data on a single meter.


  • Easy to install - Uses standard 6 conductor RJ-11 connectors and can be located 15m away from controller.
  • Easy to use - 4 directional pushbuttons & back light.
  • Networking Capability - Can be connected with up to 15 Tristar controllers.
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