SWIFT Wind Turbine System

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SWIFT Wind Turbine System
SWIFT Wind Turbine System SWIFT Wind Turbine System SWIFT Wind Turbine System SWIFT Wind Turbine System SWIFT Wind Turbine System SWIFT Wind Turbine System SWIFT Wind Turbine System SWIFT Wind Turbine System
SWIFT 1.5KW Wind Turbine
The British built Swift wind turbine is probably the best wind turbine in its class. The Swift wind energy system is the world's first building mountable wind turbine, with unique patented aerodynamic technology for unprecedented silent, safe, effective energy for homes and businesses worldwide! The Swift wind turbine can be used with grid tie systems or off grid battery applications.



The circular diffuser ring surrounding the turbine blades is a key component of the patented rotor design, removing violent blade tip vortices and thereby making operation virtually inaudible.


Mechanical and electrical fail-safe systems ensure the integrity of the turbine even in extreme wind conditions.


The Swift turbine has been shown to produce significant levels of effective renewable energy on-site.



Please note the Swift turbine is not certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). If you are looking for a MCS-certified turbine that is eligible for Feed-in Tariffs and other regional incentives, we recommend the Kingspan KW6 turbine.



The Swift Wind Energy System was developed in 2002 and is the world's first silent, rooftop wind turbine, capable of generating power in the build environment, along with traditional free standing in rural areas. The Swift is one of the strongest turbines around surviving 120mph hurricanes and tested to 150mph. The turbines patented spinning diffuser dissipates wing tip vortexes like the winglets on a Boeing silencing the rotor and increasing the overall efficiency. Designed and built in Scotland from ethically sourced materials and a CO2 payback of 4 years the Swift is in a class of its own. With over 2500 sold worldwide from Aberdeen to Adelaide it has developed a reputation for quality. Made from 20mm cast aluminium incorporating 6 safety systems and advanced energy capture algorithms the Swift has been lifetime tested to 20 years.

Renewable Devices Swift Turbines (RDST) has developed a worldwide reputation for excellence in its engineering and design, and has won numerous international awards for the SWIFT: including the Ashden Award for global sustainability 2005, Design Week Award 2008, International Design Award 2009, backed up by the international patents.

The Swift system is the only wind turbine specifically designed and certified capable of efficient and silent generation in the built environment. The system incorporates ground breaking aerodynamic technology to provide silent generation in urban environments. This unique selling point has been proven through its rigorous pre-production process in alliance with leading European utilities and blue chip multinationals worldwide.

The Swift wind turbine is supplied with :
  • AC & DC Isolators
  • 5m of Mast Cable
The inverter system can be purchased separately.
Various mounting options are available:
  • Wall Mount
  • Flange Mount - for metal structures and architectual structures
  • Wooden Pole Adaptor - excluding pole
  • Flat Roof Stand

The Swift is certified for use across Europe, Australasia, Middle East, Americas and some parts of Africa (the parts with certification bodies).

The Swift wind turbine is a substantial and complex piece of equipment and so the installation must be carried out by a suitably qualified electrical installer. Additionally there is a specific commissioning process which your installer will need to follow to validate the warranty. A planning pack and comprehensive set of instructions are available for download from the manuals & datasheets tab above.




Turbine Type Upwind Horizontal Axis with Acoustic Diffuser Ring
Peak Power 1.5 kW
Cut-in Wind Speed 3.4 m/s
Mounting Pole Requirements 100mm Diameter
Design Life 20 Years
Weight 52 kg
EPS Power Rating Very High
EPS Noise Rating Low-Medium
Rotor Type 5 Bladed fan with acoustic diffuser ring
Rotor Diameter 2.08 m
Swept Area 3.4 m2

Generator Type Permanent Magnet
Overspeed Braking Dynamic Brake
Control incl in storms Mechanical furling system with electrical brake backup
Warranty 2 Years
More Information
EPS Power Rating Very High
EPS Noise Rating Low-Medium
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