Marine Wind Turbines

Link to Marine Wind Turbine GuideMarine wind turbines (also sometimes known as wind chargers or wind generators) are a perfect way to keep your boat’s batteries well charged.

Easy to mount on board, the power generated by a wind turbine means you will be less reliant on shore power or running your engine to charge your boat’s batteries. This in turn will reduce your boat’s running costs by reducing fuel consumption and the need to hook up to shore based power.

A common concern with wind turbines is the noise and power levels, so here at Eco Power Shop we have come up with an easy EPS rating for noise and power to help you compare - just click on the product specifications tab to view our rating.

We are always happy to share our knowledge to help you make an informed purchasing decision and by working closely with manufacturers we are able to offer specific technical and after sales support. As seasoned sailors ourselves we know a bit about boats too which helps! 

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