Off Grid Power Systems

Off Grid Wind System powering LED Sign

Off Grid Power System Design & Installation 

Connection to the national grid is not always possible and even when it is, it can be too costly for small systems such as sign lighting, transmitters or CCTV. In these situations an off-grid power system (usually a hybrid solar and wind system) can often be the answer.

With nearly 10 years’ experience of designing and installing off grid power systems, Eco Power Shop can provide you with a cost effective and reliable solution. We can deliver bespoke system designs based on your power generation and storage requirements. Please get in touch today for a quote.

Additionally, with an in-depth knowledge and access to a wide range of wind, solar and battery products from all the leading brands, we can recommend and supply the most suitable pieces of equipment for your system.


Off Grid System Set up


Off Grid System Maintenance & Support Service

Off grid power systems will require periodic maintenance including such things as wind turbine servicing, cleaning solar panels, topping up battery electrolyte levels and inspecting mounting equipment integrity.

Some clients will have in-house technicians who can carry out these tasks. However if desirable Eco Power Shop can advise on and provide such maintenance services.





Off Grid System Monitoring

In addition to a maintenance service, Eco Power Shop offers a system monitoring service.

This involves adding remote data monitoring equipment to the system. The data recorded is sent via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G mobile data signal to Eco Power Shop where we can check system performance and provide warnings of any problems allowing timely remedial action to prevent any system downtime.

Some clients may choose to have the monitoring equipment installed then setup a data account and monitor the system themselves.

Either way it allows for comprehensive system monitoring and preventative maintenance, ensuring maximum longevity of the system.  



Further Information

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