Frequently Asked Questions

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Wind Turbines

Can I use a wind turbine to reduce energy bills on my home?

Yes you can but there are a few things to consider:

An average home in the UK uses a fair amount of electricity every day (around 4,000 kWh/year*) and therefore you'll need a certain size of turbine to see any noticeable difference in your energy bill. Consequently we recommend the Kingspan KW6 turbine for domestic applications as it has an incredible peak power output of 6kW. 

If you’re considering a wind turbine for your home we’d also recommend using energy efficient products around the home, such as LED lighting and gadgets that turn off appliances in stand-by mode, to help make savings on your energy bills.

How big are the wind turbines you sell?

We specialise in micro and small wind turbines.

Among the smallest of these is the Rutland 504 that has a rotor diameter of just 51 cm and has a maximum power output of 80W. This makes it perfect for trickle charging small battery systems on board boats or caravans and motorhomes

The largest wind turbine we offer is the Kingspan KW6 turbine which has a max power output of 6 kW and a rotor diameter of 5.6m. It is ideally suited for applications requiring a substantial amount of renewable power such as rural domestic, farms, telecoms and commercial applications.

Do I need planning permission to install a domestic wind turbine?

We recommend you check with your local planning authority. You can find their contact details via the Planning Portal

How do I choose the best wind turbine for my boat?

There are several things you need to consider in order to pick the right wind turbine for your specific boat and power needs. To help our customers choose wisely, we've produced a free guide on marine wind turbines that outlines what you should look for and gives a helpful overview of the leading turbines available. Click here to view or download.

Can I get spare parts for my turbine?

Yes, Eco Power Shop sells a wide range of spare parts for the wind turbine brands we sell, including Air and Leading Edge. If you can’t see a part you need on our website, please just get in touch as we’ll probably have it. 

If you’d prefer a hassle-free way to maintain or repair your turbine then we also offer a repair and maintenance service for many of the top wind turbine brands.

Would renewable energy be suitable as a remote power supply for my project?

Renewable energy can offer a fantastic supply of power in remote areas where it might not be feasible to connect to grid power. If you are not sure what equipment you need, Eco Power Shop can design a system for your specific needs. We have 10 years' experience of designing off grid systems!

LED Lighting

What does LED mean and why should I switch to LED lighting?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and LEDs are now widely used in modern, energy-efficient lighting. This is because LED lighting offers many benefits including:

  • Saving money on your lighting bill as LEDs are much more efficient at converting electricity into light than other light sources such as halogens.
  • Saving money on replacement lights or bulbs as LEDs are long lasting (usually with a lifetime of a minimum of 15000 hours) and less breakable. In addition LED lighting products usually come with a warranty to give you extra peace of mind about how long your LED light will last.
  • Unlike the average CFL bulb, LEDs instantly switch on with full brightness.
  • LEDs are safe as they are free of toxic chemicals such as mercury that many fluorescent bulbs contain.
  • LEDs are available in a huge variety of designs, light fittings and colour temperatures. Many are fully dimmable.  

How easy is it to switch to LED replacement bulbs?

Very! We offer a wide range of different LED bulbs to fit your existing light fittings, including E27 and GU10 bulbs. This makes it super easy to switch to LED technology today with no need for an electrician.

Do I need to order drivers separately for my LED downlights?

No – all our EcoLED ZEP1 downlights are supplied with dimmable drivers.

What dimmers can I use with my LED downlights?

For the list of dimmers compatible with EcoLED’s downlights, please see EcoLED’s latest advice on recommended dimmers at Our personal recommendations are the Varilight V-Pro 100W dimmer module (Z0JP250-P) or the Lutron Rania dimmer switch (RNSU-452B-F**-M).

What colour temperature should I order?

Many of our LED lights are available in a choice of different colour temperatures. This basically means the colour of the light from the lamp and is expressed in Kelvin (K), The lower the K value the warmer the colour is (i.e. more yellow/orange). The higher the K, the cooler (or bluer) the colour is. 

For example, the popular EcoLED ZEP1 downlights are available in 3 different colour temperatures (very warm white (2700K), warm white (3000K) and white colour temperatures (4000K)).

Your choice of colour temperature will depend on your personal preference and also the room you’re lighting. Warm white (3000K) is most popular among our customers and this colour temperature looks great in any room. White 4000K colour tends to mainly be used in kitchens and offices where you may want a cooler white. However, there are no wrongs and rights - it’s your preference that matters.