Rutland HRSi Charge Regulator

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Rutland HRSi Charge Regulator
Rutland HRSi Charge Regulator Rutland HRSi Charge Regulator

The Rutland HRSi Charge Regulator prevents overcharging of the batteries. Suitable for use with the Rutland 504, 914i and FM910-4 wind turbines, plus up to 160W of solar panels.

Rutland’s Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology slows the wind turbine down as the batteries become fully charged.

Key Features 

  • LED indicators show charge and battery status

  • Includes turbine/ solar panel shutdown switch

  • Bulk and float phase charging ensures batteries are optimally charged, especially when unattended

  • Uses temperature compensation, ensuring maximum charging efficiency in all conditions

  • Automatic voltage detection for 12V or 24V systems

For use with single battery banks. 



Control Mode PWM
Display Charge indicating LEDs
Voltage 12V or 24 V (autodetects voltage of system)
Dimensions 130 x 80 x 42 mm
Weight 300g
Warranty 2 Years


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