SunWare Slimline 30W Marine Solar Panel

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SunWare SW20145 Solar Panel
SunWare SW20145 Solar Panel Close up of SunWare 25W Solar Panel Surface & Junction Box SunWare Slimline 30W Marine Solar Panel SunWare Slimline 30W Marine Solar Panel SunWare Slimline 30W Marine Solar Panel

The Sunware solar panels are made to order, lead times are generally 2-4 weeks.

This SunWare slimline semi-flexible solar panel is perfect for using on board your boat to silently and efficiently convert daylight into electric power for your batteries.

Its key features are:


Safe and Non-Slip

  • Safe to walk on with deck shoes

  • A slightly structured surface ensures the panel is non-slip

  • Its Teflon-coating means it is soil resistant

  • Rounded corners and very flat design prevents any trip hazards

Easy to Mount 

  • It is semi-flexible – up to 3% of its length – to help fit slight curves

  • Its slimline shape helps when space is limited (a squarer-shaped 30W SunWare panel is also available)

  • Use either screws or adhesive for installation. Each module comes with 10 white screw collars for 4.5mm countersunk screws

  • Comes with 3m waterproof cable with in line diode

High Performance

  • Salt and seawater resistant

  • Constructed with high performance crystalline cells to ensure superior performance from low light levels 

  • Made up of 40 photovoltaic cells (more than the standard 36 cell marine solar panels). The additional cells mean the panel runs cooler and allows it to be installed without rear ventilation.

SunWare offer a range of solar panel power ratings and sizes in their 20-series.    



Peak Power 30W
System Voltage 12V
Max current 1.4A
Open Circuit Voltage 25.4V
Short Circuit Current 1.51A
No. of Cells 40
No. of Bore Holes (D=9.0mm) 8
Cable Length  3m
Dimensions 273 x 807 x 5 mm
Weight 1.6kg
Warranty 3 Years on Power Output
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