Silentwind PRO Marine Wind Turbine

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Silentwind Pro marine wind generator
Silentwind Pro marine wind generator Silentwind PRO Marine Wind Turbine Silentwind MPPT Hybrid Charge Controller Silentwind Pro Power Curve Silentwind PRO Marine Wind Turbine

The Silentwind Pro is the latest model of the tried and tested Silentwind turbines offering: 

  • 420W peak power output
  • Low noise output
  • Low weight of 6.8kg
  • Advanced smart Bluetooth programmable MPPT boost charge controller supplied with the turbine. (Can be used with lithium batteries).
  • Very good start-up performance due to a low cut-in wind speed of 2.2m/s
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Suitability for both marine and land (off-grid, battery charging) applications
  • Compatibility with Lithium Batteries (one of the few small wind turbines to offer this)
  • Available in 12V, 24V and 48V versions

It features the latest technology in small wind turbines, thanks to over 30 years of research and development, including:

Bluetooth connectivity for easy monitoring and control: 

Silentwind’s upgraded app (available in iOS and Android versions) allows you to connect the PRO turbine’s Controller wirelessly to your phone, via Bluetooth.

Silentwind App 


You can then use the app on your phone to: 

  • Easily set-up and adjust the controller’s settings

  • Monitor your wind turbine’s performance and check the status of your battery

  • Remotely stop the wind turbine


Blue Silent Carbon Fibre Blades:

These popular, high-tech blades are:

  • Made from 100% Carbon-Fibre material

  • Hand laminated and UV-resistant

The blades have:

  • Ultra-low noise emissions

  • An outstanding strength : weight ratio

  • Been successfully tested in a wind tunnel hurricane speed 122km/h (5480 rpm)

MPPT Hybrid Boost Charge Controller:

The supplied Silentwind PRO Charge controller:  

  • Uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology

  • Has boost function for low or high wind areas

  • Can be adjusted to allow charging of all types of batteries (Gel, AGM, Acid and Lithium)

  • Can be directly connected to solar panels up to 20A 

  • Has an internal stop switch  

  • Allows easy monitoring of system parameters on the controller's LCD-display or on your tablet/ smartphone with wireless connection and Silentwind's free app

  • Allows all operation parameters to be set directly on the Hybrid Boost Charge Controller or using over the Silentwind app

  • Delivers an improved Bluetooth range thanks to an external antenna 

  • 2-Year Warranty

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Turbine Type 3 Blade Horizontal Wind Turbine
Rated Power Output 420W (max)
Max Power 420W
Cut-in Wind Speed 2.2 m/s wind speed
Rotor Tyoe 3 Blade
Blade Material Carbon Fibre - Blue Colour
Rotor Diameter 1.15m
Swept Area 1.04 m2
EPS Power Rating Medium 
EPS Noise Rating Low


Body Construction Anti - corrosion powder coated aluminium - white colour RAL9010
Generator Type

Permanent magnet generator, 3 phase, Neodymium-magnets


Control Mode Electronic Charge Regulation
Overspeed Braking Electronic Braking
High Wind Speed Test 122 km/h demonstrated
Solar Input? Charge controller allows up to 20A of solar PV
Mounting Pole Requires 48.1mm diameter
Weight 6.8Kg
Warranty 3 years (2 years for the controller)


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EPS Power Rating Medium
EPS Noise Rating Low
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